Your business becomes mobile
in just a few minutes

You can choose among the different types of passes available. Pick the one that is relevant to your business: coupons, tickets, store cards, member cards, transport tickets. Use our examples and tutorials to understand how to build the perfect pass for your business.

It takes just about 5 minutes to build a Pass.

Distribute Passes to Customers
through all your points of contact

Captain Pass enables you to distribute your passes in many different ways.
Captain Pass enables you to distribute your passes in many different ways.
You can distribute them by email, via your newsletter, using your Facebook page, or even on dedicated point of sales material that sits on your counter using a QRCode.
You can distribute them to individual customers, or send them to your entire customer base.

Captain Pass works with all major mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc... as long as it supports HTML5.

Manage your Passes, engage your customers

Once your customer carries one of your pass, you can update the data that sits on the pass using the same easy-to-use interface.

When a customer comes back to your shop, update his loyalty program in a second! If you want him or her to come back, you can send a notification to the pass to relay a specific promotion.

Keep an eye on your Passes

The dashboard is the perfect tool to know what is going on with your passes.
You will see in real time how many passes were created, installed or removed and much more.

Some of our valued customers

Get to market in minutes using templates
Drive adoption and increase efficiency

Each item you design is based on template representing real life use-cases: coupons, gift cards, loyalty card, event tickets, boarding passes, membership cards — plus a generic template that can be used for any other case.

These templates help your company drive results the easiest way possible:

  • Boost customer acquisition and sales
  • Increase profits by reducing paper coupon distribution cost and simplifying the delivery of your various coupons and cards
  • Drive customer awareness of your reward program

Target updates to a subset of your customer base using tags. This very simple yet powerful solution allows you to engage only specific audiences.
Enterprise Scalability
Captain Pass meets your high-volume needs. With features like automatic queueing, we can transparently handle spikes in volume and keep delivering your offers.
Easy API Integration
The Captain Pass API is designed to be flexible and very simple to integrate with your existing information system. Most integrations take less than a week. We can help you during this process.
curl -X POST  \
-H "X-API-Key: Y2FwdGFpbnBhc3MuY29t" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json"  \
-d '{
	"fields" : { 
		"artist" : {
			"value" : "Big Shot Artist"
	"relevantDate" : "2013-06-20T20:00-08:00", 
	"user" : { 
		"artist" : {
			"name" : "Cooper",
			"firstname" : "Sheldon",
			"name" : "[email protected]"
}' \

A strong API to build and manage your Passes

The Captain Pass API is a secure REST API for creating, delivering and updating Apple Apple Wallet Passes. With a single API call, you can create a beautiful pass using a template you built - you just have to provide a few data and you are good to go! In a single call, you can also update thousand of passes with fresh values.
Captain Pass takes care of notifying your customers using the Apple Push Notification service to deliver the new Passes.

Your data is safe, your Passes always available

The technology behind Captain Pass is designed to be worry free and to handle even the heaviest loads thanks to our cloud infrastructure that automatically adjusts itself when it has to.
Everything that comes in or out of Captain Pass is encrypted by a 2048 bit SSL encryption. Every bit of information is backed up every day offsite to ensure reliability.